3 Reasons Why You Should Choose Spaulding Group To Manage Your Property

  1. Being apartment and commercial property owners themselves, Spaulding Group, not only knows what it takes, but has actual experience successfully managing apartments, office buildings, senior living facilities, and storage units. Spaulding Group only takes a percentage of gross revenue as a management fee which always aligns the interests of Spaulding Group with the owners they represent. Their main focus is to drive improved living conditions for residents, while staying within budget, to increase each property’s gross revenue for a better return on each owner’s investment.
  2. Spaulding Group owns, manages and oversees $100 million dollars of property and business assets. They understand how important it is to have clearly defined financials so you, the owner, know exactly what is going on with your investment. The financials need to be clear and correct to make the correct decisions for the current time and future. Spaulding Group has the ability to give high-level macro overviews of financials, but also micro-level breakdowns by each individual unit and employee. Spaulding Group implements many controls to eliminate waste and theft.
  3. Spaulding Group has experience turning around properties and businesses that were previously run into the ground. In the past, they have successfully done full property renovations. They then, acquire high-quality tenants through innovative marketing tactics, who willingly pay more for their new apartment home and take better care of it. This, along with Spaulding Group’s property management and maintenance teams raise the owner’s cash flow, but also the integrity of the owner’s asset.